MPLS Lab 023 Troubleshoot Internet Access via Global Routing Table Scenario1

Image requirements:
VIRL: IOSv 15.7
EVE-NG: Cisco vIOS Router vios-15.6
GNS3: vios-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SPA.156-2.T

In this lab, you need to fix the connectivity issue that some of the employees at the CE1-A location are experiencing. This lab is based on Lab 021 Internet access through a global routing table with NAT performed at the remote PE site. Some configuration changes have been made to the topology that results in broken connectivity between one of the customer's LAN networks and the Internet.


Download Lab: VIRL | EVE-NG | GNS3

Multiple users from subnet at the customer's location where router CE1-A is installed, report that they have no connection to the Internet. You need to identify the cause of the problem and fix the issue as soon as possible.

1. Download the Lab, use your choice of network simulation software, access the CE1-A node and verify the problem by using the "ping source lo1" command.
2. Select the proper troubleshooting approach to identify and fix the issues faster.
3. Apply necessary configuration to the topology.
4. Verify if the applied settings resolved the problem.

The solution to the problem:
This lab has no explanation on how to fix the networking problems.

This troubleshooting lab contains classic networking problems, interrogation of the routing information base could reveal the cause of the issue and will assist you with the implementation of the solution.


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