MPLS Lab 010 Troubleshoot CE-to-CE connectivity problem (IS-IS)

Image requirements:
VIRL: IOSv 15.7
EVE-NG: Cisco vIOS Router vios-15.6
GNS3: vios-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SPA.156-2.T

ISP's customer from the previous lab submits a ticket that there is a problem with the connection between the LAN network at the HQ office where the CE1-A router resides and the subnet at the branch office where router CE1-B is, you need to identify the problem and come up with the right solution to fix the issue. The problem might be due to MPLS incorrect configuration or at the customer location, approach this dilemma with proper troubleshooting method. 


Download Lab: EVE-NG | GNS3

Team of network engineers at the customer site unable to determine the cause of the faulty connection between HQ and the branch offices, exhausting the troubleshooting possibilities available to the team, now they are asking for the ISP assistance, assuming that the cause of the problem might be inside the ISP network. You have been assigned the ticket to investigate the cause of the problem and seek a possible solution to it. 

1. Download the Lab, use your choice of network simulation software, access the CE1-A node and verify the problem by pinging the remote IP address of using the loopback0 interface as the source.
2. Select the proper troubleshooting approach to identify and fix the issues faster.
3. Apply necessary configuration to the topology.
4. Verify if the applied settings resolved the problem.

The solution to the problem:
If you are unable to fix on your own then click the button to learn what is the source of the trouble and how to correct it.

IS-IS might be a tricky protocol to deal with, there could be many ways something goes wrong with it that prevent it from the proper operation, solving issues related to this networking technology will better your skills.


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