MPLS Lab 015 Troubleshoot Missing Prefixes

Image requirements:
VIRL: IOSv 15.7
EVE-NG: Cisco vIOS Router vios-15.6
GNS3: vios-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SPA.156-2.T

Based on the OSPF PE-CE routing lab, some of the routers in the topology lack of complete routing tables, one of the CE neighbors' prefix is missing, you need to identify the culprit and bring the right solution to eliminate the problem as soon as possible.


Download Lab: EVE-NG | GNS3

Network technician at the customer site reports that routers CE1-A and CE1-B are unable to access resources on the network, it appears that both routing tables are missing the subnet. You need to access the nodes in the topology and verify what is not correctly configured that causing this type of issue.

1. Download the Lab, use your choice of network simulation software, access the CE nodes and verify the problem by using the "show ip route ospf" command.
2. Select the proper troubleshooting approach to identify and fix the issues faster.
3. Apply necessary configuration to the topology.
4. Verify if the applied settings resolved the problem.

The solution to the problem:
If you are unable to fix on your own then click the button to learn what is the source of the trouble and how to correct it.

Troubleshooting missing routes involved a lot of skills, even in this relatively small design, there are a lot of things that could cause this issue, for example first you need to identify the location of the problem then, determine which particular technology is misconfigured, and finally apply the right solution that will not cause further outages to the network infrastructure but will bring the system back up to the proper operation.


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