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Solution Lab 4 for MPLS Lab 024

Description: This is a solution lab, in the step-by-step instruction, an explanation will be given on how to with systematic approach troubleshoot the connectivity problem. Additionally troubleshooting dependency model will be used to facilitate the problem-solving effort. Topology: Troubleshooting dependency model for topology used in Lab 024: Layers Technologies or Entity Description Top Level CE1-A to  End-to-End Data Path One Top Level CE1-B to  End-to-End Data Path Two PATH 1: Level5 IPv4 Connectivity for The network is installed in the RIB Level4 eBGP with PE3 Neighborship, Prefixes exchange Level3 Internet Access for CE subnets Set of technologies used to ensure Internet Level2 MPLS ISP Depend on entire MPLS infrastructure Level1 ISP for MPLS network Connectivity to ISP from PE1 PATH 2: Level5 IPv4 Connectivity for The network is ins

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