MPLS Lab 022 Challenge for Lab 021

Image requirements:
VIRL: IOSv 15.7
EVE-NG: Cisco vIOS Router vios-15.6
GNS3: vios-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SPA.156-2.T

In this lab, you need to find the reason why that some networks of CE routers are able to access the Internet and others are not. After successful implementation of Internet access via global routing most of the customer's employees able to access the Internet but the networks of loopback0 interfaces of both CE routers are unable to communicate with the outside world.


Download Lab: EVE-NG | GNS3 | VIRL

Currently, subnets of the loopback0 interfaces have no connectivity with public IP address, network technicians suspect that the problem is with network translation at the remote PE1 router, but this is only the assumption, they have no access to the remote router to perform extended troubleshooting, that is why you have been asked to identify what causes the issue and resolve it with the implementation of the proper solution. Apply your knowledge to this challenge lab and come up with a written step-by-step explanation, this will help you to improve your skills with the creation of network documentation.
To start this lab, login into the CLI of routers CE1-A and CE1-B then begin with the ping of address sourcing from the lo0 interface.


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