Network Services Troubleshooting Lab1

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Network Services Troubleshooting Lab1

 Cisco IOSv        (vios-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SPA.156-2.T)
 Cisco IOSvL2    (vios_l2-adventerprisek9-m.03.2017.qcow2)

This lab is based on the Complex_Network_Services_CCNP_Lab_1, it’s highly recommended that you complete that lab before you proceed on this one.

Troubleshooting skills are one of the most if not the most imperative abilities, any IT person has to master them to perform well at the job. These problem-solving lab series aim to improve Cisco’s network engineer’s skills by presenting the broken network topology in which you have to analyze the issues, propose a solution and then eliminate the configurational mistakes.

Commercial buildings management agency rented out three floors of its brand new building to the companies which concern with the business of healthcare, insurance, and banking industries. Agency hosting at this location Internet access and data center services to its tenants. Building management has two contracts with ISPs to provide high-speed Internet. To comply with government standards, the strict requirements defined, to logically separate each company's internet and local traffic, vrf instances will be used.

Since property management does not have in house IT department, it outsourcing its technology needs to the small IT firm where you as lead network engineer help your customers resolve problems. Trouble tickets below indicate what are you working on today.


PC1’s user at Company_A made a complaint that this morning when she came to work, she was not able to use her Gmail and that web search at is down also. Investigate what is possibly preventing PC1 from accessing the Internet and then fix this issue.

One month ago, there was a data breach at one of the ISPs customers use to access the Internet, sometimes after the occurrence of this event user at Company_C report that HTTP website at SRV1 is down. Use ping -P 6 -p 8080 to investigate the problem, when you find the origin of this issue, please fix it.

Note: Before you start any troubleshooting verify that end devices have ip addresses already assigned to them otherwise use ip dhcp command to obtain one.


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