BGP Lab 2 Advertising summary route to BGP peers (CCNA Level)

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Download Lab: GNS3 

Image requirements:

 Cisco IOSv        (vios-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SPA.156-2.T)

Network team in the AS33 wants to replace three individual EIGRP subnets which currently being advertised to its BGP peers, ISP1 and ISP2 with /16 summary route, you will be this project lead network engineer who will perform all necessary configuration within AS33 infrastructure. The main requirement for this project is to accomplish it without any connectivity loss. Before you begin, read through all tasks first, because you only have 50K of exclamation marks to complete this lab.

Lab tasks:

1. Configure router R2 to be able to accept incoming telnet sessions, configure enable password, line vty password, and transport input telnet. Verify that you are able to log in via telnet to the router R2 from ER1 then proceed to the next step.

2. On the router R2, from the console terminal start pinging any IP address of any subnet in the AS11 or AS22. Use the Loopback0 interface as the source of ping command and do not forget to set repeat count to 50000.

3. On the router ER1, configure BGP to advertise the summary route, then exit all the way to privilege exec mode.

4. From the router ER1, telnet to the router R2, implement the EIGRP summary command under the interface facing the edge router. Terminate the telnet session.

5. Then back on the router ER1 remove all individual network statements under the bgp configuration for EIGRP /24 subnets.

6. Do soft outbound bgp reset to the ISP to which you choose to ping at step 2. (clear ip bgp soft out).

7. On the router ER1, verify that it advertises only the summary route to its peers. (show ip bgp).

8. Back on the R2 check on the ping progress, verify that there are no missing exclamation marks.

9. Save all configurations, if you are failed the lab's requirements, download and perform this lab again.

Command example:

ER1(config)# router bgp 33
ER1(config-router)# network mask
ER1(config-router)# end
R2(config)# interface g0/0
R2(config-if)# ip summary-address eigrp 10
R2(config-if)# end
ER1(config)# router bgp 33
ER1(config-router)# no network mask
ER1(config-router)# no network mask
ER1(config-router)# no network mask
ER1(config-router)# end



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