BGP Lab 23 IPv6 BGP Route filtering with Prefix-list (CCNP Level)

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Image requirements:
 Cisco IOSv (vios-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SPA.156-2.T)


This lab similar to the previous one but instead of using route-map with IPv6 ACL, you will directly apply prefix-list to the neighbor command. The requirements for route filtering the same as in the previous lab, AS250 is a customer to two ISPs and administration of this AS does not want to pass foreign traffic through its infrastructure.

Lab tasks:

1. Configure IPv6 prefix-list identifying AS250 local /48 prefix (ER1 and ER2).

2. Under BGP address-family ipv6 configuration apply prefix-list to the eBGP peers in the outbound direction (ER1 and ER2). 

3. Clear eBGP sessions without causing them to be re-established. 

4.  Verify that AS250 advertises only one local /48 prefix. 

5. Save running-config

Configuration example:

ER1(config)#ipv6 prefix-list LOCAL_PREFIX permit 2001:DB8:250::/48
ER1(config)#router  bgp 250
ER1(config-router)#address-family  ipv6 

ER1(config-router-af)#neighbor prefix-list LOCAL_PREFIX out  
ER1(config-router-af)#neighbor prefix-list LOCAL_PREFIX out 
Verify BGP routes: 
ER1# show bgp ivp6 unicast neighbor advertised-routes



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